UV-C Disinfection Robot

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UV-C Disinfection Robot
UV-C Disinfection Robot

Product Description

Amid this current situation, we designed this UVC top module for plug and play on the MiR100/ MiR 200 Robot Base for quick deployment. The UV-C Lamps used are from American Ultraviolet™ which have more than 60,000 UV-C fixtures globally since 1960 and EPA Certified. It covers 360° with 8 UV-C 254nm lamps to deliver doses to eradicate pathogens on the surfaces and air.

At a Glance

  • Disinfects 1,000m² area in an hour
  • 360° disinfection of floor and surfaces from 8 UV-C 254nm lamps
  • Eradicate with 99.9% confidence level of many pathogens including coronavirus
  • Plug and play with MiR100


Your Benefits

  • Plug and play set up with MiR100/ MiR200 for fast and easy deployment for your customers
  • All in 1 ready solution for effective disinfection of pathogens through UV-C light
  • Documentation on energy dosages required to eradicate
  • pathogens at 99.9% confidence level


Field of Application

  • Hospitals and Nursing Homes
  • Retail Malls
  • Education Institutions
  • Gyms and Fitness Centers
  • Hotels
  • Commercial building
  • Retail malls
  • Factory plant floor