Top Mover TM155

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Top Mover TM155
Top Mover TM155

Product Description:

The Top Mover TM155 enables the mobile robots MiR100 and MiR200 to pick up & deliver objects to and from our gates to be further processed by a cobot arm that is installed on the gate with our Cobot Tower CT155. With our Wheel Gate WG155 objects can be automatically pushed onto a conveyer belt and into production lines. Thereby our TM155 enhances internal infrastructure and takes automation to the next level!

Features / key benefits:

  • Plug & Play application
  • The small footprint makes the module suitable for factories with very limited space
  • Cost-efficient delivery of payloads up to 153 kg / 338 lbs, freeing staff from handling heavy items
  • Safe and reliable transportation of objects.
  • Designed according to international safety standards


Technical details:

Gate dimensions (LWH): Drop off & pick up area: Handling capacity: Distance between the arms: Color:

1015 x 614 x 551 mm

40″ x 24″ x 22″

800 x 600 mm
31″ x 24″
MiR100: 53kg/ 117lbs MiR200: 150 kg/ 338 lbs 140 mm | 5.5” RAL 7035