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Product Description

The most versatile MiR SHELF solution on the market.

We introduce “Lock”, our adjustable lifting system to place on the MiR100 or MiR200 and
use the SHELF functions of our MiR without complications. With Lock you will be able to regulate the height in an easy way by adjusting the maximum height detection and making the anchoring system adapted to your trolley due to its mechanized platform is mechanically and electrically prepared to be a Plug & Play system for you MiR.


To be able to couple and drag your trolleys underneath, in a simple way.”
Lock is the anchoring system, on the bottom of the trolleys, for maneuverability with the MiR100 and MiR200.
You will not have to modify anything on you MiR, just mount it on the original structure and connect it to the MiR connectors. Using the Shelf Standard function, you can drag your trolleys without complications.

Technical Details

 Payload in motion: 10 kg.
 Measures: W460 x L800 x H100
 Maximum stroke: 200 mm