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Servi Robot
Servi Robot
Servi Robot
Servi Robot
Servi Robot
Servi Robot
Servi Robot
Servi Robot
Servi Robot

If you are interested in purchasing Servi robot please contact our sales team on, or call on 0845 528 0404 and we will be happy to help.

High Capacity, Multi-Purpose, Versatile Design

Size 445 x 430 x 1046
Number of Trays 2 trays (16 inch), 1 bus tub
Weight 33kg
Payload 30kg
Battery Life 8 - 12hrs
Charging Type Wall charger
(Input 100~240V AC 3.5A 50/60Hz,
Output 28.6V DC, 8.0A)
Controller External tablet or attached touchscreen

How Servi Works

With the push of a button, self-driving Servi teams up with you to carry dishes from kitchen to table so you don't have to.  Servi gets the job done!

Easy Installation

Ready to serve in 2 steps. Power on your Servi and map your area!

Multi Robot Mode

One Servi is not enough? No problem. Use multiple Servi robots for even better efficiency.


Monitor and improve how your Servi fleet performs. Use our analytics platform 24/7.

Nimble Navigation

Servi is the #1 indoor food service in the world when it comes to navigating through narrow and crowded spaces.

Safety First

Servi ensures safety is first priority by immediately stopping and changing course when it sees something in its way.  Thanks to the camera and laser sensors, it has no blind spots along its way.

Flexible Workflows

Servi's user-friendly touch interface allows users to configure workflows for different scenarios. This versatility is increased by using swappable trays and tubs.

Compact Design

Servi's small footprint and round base help to enable smooth, easy navigation in narrow corridors, crowded spaces, and tight corners.


Servi interacts with customers by using its light, voice, and body movement. Servi can sing a birthday song and celebrate along with you guests!