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  • Cloud-brained Humanoid Robot
  • Facial Recognition, Voice Interaction, Smart Home Management
  • Features Self-Learning Evolution and Auto Self-Recharging
  • High-luminance laser projector on headtop for 720p resolution
  • Identifies movements and gesture so you can play games
  • Costumizable for different buisness modes

The Sanbot S1 Cloud-Based IoT Humanoid Telepresence Robot provides you a secure experience by guarding around. It is the favorite of most people but only owned by elites. It is the symbol of quality. Every development it takes, the more freedom you can enjoy.The powerful artificial intelligent Sanbot is connected with cloud-based IoT system, wich brings you superior experiences with hi-tech. Just enjoy it. The Cloud-brained Sanbot allows customization for different business modes. Sanbot provides AI services to different businesses, it is the unique choice for governments, hospitals, retail stores, museums, cinemas,shopping malls, 4S car center, banks, beauty salons and all kinds of personal clubs, etc.

Sanbot can find you by your voice location and turn the face to you when being called. Sanbot responds to orders like, "Sanbot, PLAY THE MUSIC", it will automatically turn on the music. You can easily chat with Sanbot too. It will reply you immediately with self-introduction, weather forecasts and will tell funny stories and broadcast news. Advanced facial recognition technique enables Sanbot to greet you and your family when you come back home. When strangers come in, it will send out alert noticing you via the APP and will take video recordings in order to keep your home safe. Sanbot can control Smart Home appliances by voice instructions. It can manage the air-conditioner, lamps and lights, television, curtains, etc.

When the battery is low power, Sanbot will trigger you a voice alert for "LOW BATTERY", it will automatically find the charger stand to do self-recharging, You do not need to worry about whether it will go offline when you are away, because it will always stay online smartly by self-recharging.

Simple voice orders makes you and your family members distracted with diversified entertaiments. Sanbot is inspiringly embedded with a high-luminance laser projector on headtop for 720p resolution, which enables watching movies, sharing photos and even chatting by projecting the content on the ceiling or wall. The 3D camera inside can identify your movements and gestures, and give you the experience of somatic games. Sanbot is a brilliant tutor like an encyclopedia, and knows a lot like a genius. It becomes more and more knowledgable by accessing to the cloud data for self-evolution.

Sanbot can provide 7/24 protection for your home. When you are away, you can keep an eye on your house with the mobile APP. The facial recognition system will take pictures of strangers that breaks-in and notify you. You can select an important area in the alarm setting by pressing one button in the APP. The alarm will notify you when something happens in that area. Sanbot is equipped with a detection system for gas and water accident notice; it will trigger the alarm when an accident happens.

Sanbot is the right helper to keep an eye on the elderly at home. When you are busy at work, it will remind the elderly to take medicines on time. It will make the family members feel closer by more interaction. Let Sanbot give love for you. Sanbot can provide different chatting modes. You can talk to the family members one to one, or one to group via conferencing, text or voice. Sanbot can make the communications with much more fun.


  • WIFI network: IEEE 802.11 a\b\g\n(2.4GHz\5GHz)
  • Display: 10.1 inch 1080P HD capacitive 10-point touch display
  • Platform: ROS1.1
  • Wireless network: Bluetooth 4.0, ZigBee
  • Moving speed: 0.8m/s max
  • Grade: 1.5cm max
  • Weight: 1.35kg ( with adaptor)
  • Input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
  • Output: DC 19V/4.75A
  • LED: Red (Battery lower than 30%), Yellow(Battery around 70%), Green (Battery higher than 80%)
  • Temperature: 0℃~+35℃
  • Humidity: 10%~90%
  • Auto recharge distance: 0-5 meters, 180° signal covering
  • Installation: Wall-mounted


  • Type: Lithium battery
  • Capacity: 20Ah\300W
  • Running time (Full Loading): about 4 Hours, standby for over 10 hours

Moving parts

  • Head: Mic x 7, RGB Camera x 2, 3D sensor x  1,  Touch sensor x 7
  • Body: Gyroscope sensor x 1, Human body induction sensor x 2, IR evading obstacle sensor x 1,
  • Hand: IR message receiving sensor x 6, Touch sensor x 4, electronic compass sensor x 1
  • Leg: IR evading obstacle sensor x 4, Touch sensor x 2 | IR evading obstacle sensor x 10, Omni Wheel x 3


  • 8.0MP HD camera:
  • 1.0MP HD color camera with 140 degree aspheric surface angle


  • Laser: 1920 x 720
  • HD wide gamut output: 60Hz
  • Aspect-ratio: 16:9


  • Voice control, 360 degree sound localization
  • 2 x tweeter, 1 x woofer

Atmosphere lamp

  • 250 customized colors
  • 2 cycles for ears, 2 cycles for hands, and 1 cycle for chassis

Size and Weight

  • Length: 902mm
  • Width: 421mm
  • Depth: 331mm
  • Weight: 19kg

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