RSRDevice - Global Safety Stop

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RSRDevice - Global Safety Stop
RSRDevice - Global Safety Stop

Product Description

RSRDevice provides you with a global emergency stop solution for unlimited numbers of robots. Whatever the site configuration, RSRDevice can stop them all, in a fully safe manner, thanks to a Radio Frequency signal permanently sent by a dedicated safety transmitter.

Global safety strongly differs from individual safety, while a safety stop also differs from a regular stop order from your navigation system. In the event of a fire, of a power outage, of a process breakdown, of a maintenance operation or of a restricted area intrusion, you need to make sure the stop command is really executed, without any doubt, for each and all robots. Thanks to RSRDevice-based solutions you are fully safe in all situations.

With RSRDevice, safety is not disruptive. Even in case of an emergency, you can trigger a global safety stop with time settings allowing a controlled halt of the robots : draw an evacuation route pattern, clear critical areas such as fire doors, anticipate a quick restart of the fleet.

RSRDevice is a fully type tested electronic system, with safety levels SIL3 and PLe, certified by TUV Süd. It is a versatile solution, easily scalable to any fleet of robots throughout its lifecycle. Programming and data recording can be centralized thanks to a proper interfacing with the robot controllers.