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The first step out of bed

ROBERT® is an innovative and ground-breaking rehabilitation robot for patients and healthcare professionals, promoting care, collaboration and efficiency on a global scale.

Enhancement of early mobilisation provides better conditions for rehabilitation of bedridden patients.

ROBERT® is an innovative and ground-breaking robot focusing on efficient rehabilitation and early mobilisation of bedridden patients. The robot offers what is called passive and guided active mobilisation, and provides both patients and healthcare professionals with better conditions for rehabilitation.

Benefits of ROBERT® - How does ROBERT® make a difference for patients, healthcare professionals & institutions.


  • Enhances early mobilisation and more effective treatments
  • Reduction of stiff joints, inactive nerves and pressure sores
  • Minimisation of risk of blood clots and pneumonia
  • Acts against muscular reduction


  • Reduction of heavy lifts
  • Possibility to give more attention to the patient or treat other patients in the same room
  • Make administrative work while ROBERT® does the mobilisation
  • Very easy to use and move around


  • Shorter recovery time and faster return to a daily routine
  • Patients spend less time in hospitals and achieve a less critical stage at nursing homes
  • Professionals can provide an optimal treatment without major physical efforts
  • Gratifying for the relatives to see the results

About us Vendor:-  Life Science Robotics

Life Science Robotics is a future-oriented and robot enthusiastic medico company that aims to make a difference for patients and staff through the link between human and robot. We develop products that contribute to the healthcare sector worldwide.

At Life Science Robotics, we produce high quality and user-friendly robotic solutions for the health care sector. We are specialists in rehabilitation of bedridden patients through robot technology and we always strive to deliver products that can contribute to health care systems, businesses and individuals on a global scale. At present, our main focus is on optimizing rehabilitation and providing better conditions for rehabilitation globally through the robot ROBERT®.