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Neato Robotic Vacuum
  • Neato Robotic Vacuum
  • Neato Robotic Vacuum
  • Neato Robotic Vacuum
  • Neato Robotic Vacuum
  • Neato Robotic Vacuum

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The moment you turn on the Neato XV-15, you know it is a real vacuum cleaner, not a sweeper-vac.  It uses the most powerful vacuum system with efficient air flow and suction to clean up dirt, dust, and pet hair.  Press the big orange Start button and the Neato starts cleaning for you. Set the schedule, and the Neato automatically starts up and cleans for you while you are doing other things. It can automatically clean every day if you desire.  When done cleaning, the Neato vacuum finds its charging base. Between uses, it will store itself on its charging base so that it will be ready for the next cleaning run.

Best of all, it works on all floor types—carpet, tile, hardwoods.  It’s right at home in your home, moving easily from rugs to wood to tile and back.  It’s one more way that the Neato XV-15 makes it easy for you to keep your floors clean!

Easy to Use – Just press start and it cleans for you. Low maintenance design means you just need to empty the dirt bin between cleanings.
Charges Automatically – Finds its base when done cleaning or when batteries run low. Then finishes cleaning where it left off.
Methodical Cleaning - Come home to that “just cleaned” look. Neato cleans using a back and forth pattern, ensuring that it thoroughly cleans all of your floors.
Dirt Bin – Largest dirt bin in a robotic vacuum—its easy to access and empty.
Obstacle Avoidance – Neato cleans carefully around furniture and along walls. Its sensors even detect stairs and avoids them.
Scheduling – Simply set a schedule and Neato will do the cleaning for you.
Path Planning – Using the laser map, the robot plans how to most efficiently clean the room, using a straight-line back and forth pattern.
Vacuum System – Designed as a true vacuum with a beater brush and the strongest suction available in any robotic vacuum cleaner.


Hear the Difference
You notice the moment you turn it on: Neato is a vacuum cleaner, not a floor sweeping robot or a “sweeper-vac”. As the most powerful robotic vacuum on the market, it works hard to keep your floors clean. At the core of the Neato XV-15’s vacuum system is a centrifugal compression-impeller that follows jet engine airflow principles to create sustained high-powered suction. It’s powerful enough to pick up all your dirt, pet hair and debris.  
All-Floor Vacuum Cleaner
Best of all, it thoroughly cleans on all floor types—carpet, tile, hardwoods, you name it. It effortlessly moves from one to the other so that it’s easy for you to keep your floors clean!
How It Works
The Neato vacuum offers the most powerful suction in a robotic vacuum. The robot can pick up your everyday debris on your floors—dirt, pet hair, debris, etc. It flows from the floor up into the robot and directly into the dirt bin. No worries about hair getting caught around the beater brush. The robot vacuum’s powerful suction makes sure all debris ends up right where it belongs—in the dirt bin. When it’s done, you simply empty the easy access dirt bin.


Press Start and Get on With Your Life!
It’s as easy as that. Place the Neato vacuum in any room you’d like it to clean, press start and off it goes. Or, simply set a schedule and the Neato XV-15 will automatically clean at the time you set—daily, every other day, or 3 days a week. Keeping your floors clean has never been easier.
Low-Maintenance Automatic Vacuum Cleaner
Just press the START button and off Neato goes, keeping your floors cleaner on a daily basis. Neato cleans methodically like you do, leaving straight-line paths on your carpet so you can come home and see that ‘just cleaned’ look.All you have to do is empty the dirt bin between cleanings and your robotic vacuum does the rest. The vacuum system includes a beater brush which gets debris into the dirt bin and doesn’t result in debris tangled on its brush. The result: the best low-maintenance, high suction robotic vacuum in the market today.
Easy Scheduling
The Neato XV-15’s LCD display and soft-button controls make scheduled cleaning simple to setup. Schedule a full week’s cleaning times with a few simple button presses and your house is always ready for guests, even when you’ve been out all day.


Thorough and Efficient
Neato is determined to clean the entire floor, but it also takes pride in how it cleans. It may start with a quick survey of your room before deciding where to begin. The robotic vacuum then follows an efficient process of cleaning using a pattern of overlapping lines optimized for the layout of its surroundings. It knows what it has cleaned and where it still needs to clean because it continuously updates its progress on its map. It cleans larger rooms in segments –to reach all the areas you can see and even those you can’t. With a navigation system designed to take the most efficient path, the robot covers fully and efficiently the open areas of rooms. And, it carefully cleans around objects, assuring that the Neato XV-15 cleans the entire area every time it sets out to work.
Cleans where you don’t
Neato also gets areas you don’t—
under beds, furniture, and other objects—resulting in a cleaner house. Allergy suffers often benefit from more frequent cleaning of their floors.
Recharges & Finishes the Job
If batteries run low, Neato returns to charge and then finishes the job where he left off. If the area is large enough, he may need to do a maximum of two recharging sessions to reach all areas, but the robot always continues cleaning precisely where it interrupted its cleaning to charge.


Precision Laser Mapping
Neato’s Room Positioning System (RPS) features laser mapping that enables the robot to clean your home methodically and completely. The onboard laser accurately surveys and maps everything in the room including furniture, objects and doorways. Armed with the lay of the land, the powerful robot vacuums following a pattern of straight, overlapping lines to methodically, thoroughly, and efficiently clean the entire area.   The robot’s laser sensor enables it to see and avoid obstacles such as furniture or walls.
Automatically avoids stairs
Neato has cliff sensors that detect  stairs. It  cleans up to the ledge, backs away, and continues cleaning everything in the area where it is currently working.
Cleans a Room at a Time
To make sure the job gets 
done right, the Neato vacuum concentrates on one room at a time.  If  the vacuum detects a doorway, it will clean that entire room before moving onto the next.