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If you are interested in purchasing Autonomous Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) - MiR Milk Packer, then please contact our sales team on sales@robotcenter.co.uk, or call on 0845 528 0404 and we will be happy to help.

MiR Milk Packer is a standard robot cell from MiR A/S. With a MiR Milk Packer your company can quickly and effectively pack milk cartons in plastic crates or containers. Transferred via a line, the milk cartons are automatically guided to the robot, which directly packs them into the desired crate or container.


The cell can handle up to 9,600 milk cartons per hour. The number of milk cartons and crates handled per lifting can be customised according to each customer’s needs.

The Complete Solution

The cell is delivered as a complete solution from MiR A/S. We have thoroughly tested the cell as a complete unit. After that it can be immediately installed in your company’s production. Installation and run-in times are shortened and a fully functional cell for milk carton packing is obtained.

High Level of Hygiene

The cell is always made of stainless steel. This guarantees a washable surface on which all common cleaning agents can be used. This contributes to fulfilling requirements relating to a high hygiene level.