Lifting Platform Top Module

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Lifting Platform Top Module
Lifting Platform Top Module
Lifting Platform Top Module

Product Description

The Festo lifting platform for the MiR 100/200 will increase your robot's productivity.  The top module can safely lift and lower the maximum payload (200 kg) a total of 32 mm to provide a means of automated pickup and drop-off.  The seamless communication to the MiR controller makes control of the top module simple via digital IO.  Status indication LED lighting on all four sides make diagnostics quick and easy. 


  • Plug & Play – 24 VDC operation via MiR application interface, WISE module for digital IO control
  • Energy Efficient – Only uses power when lifting/lowering
  • Simple – Non-back drivable actuators stay in position even with loss of power
  • Robust – Internal linear guidance protects actuators during dynamic loads
  • Redundant – Hand crank with cover for manual override if battery depletes
  • Safe – Safety guards eliminate pinch points, actuator controls tied to safety circuit of MiR, E-stops located on two sides for accessibility


Technical details:

  • 32 mm of travel (other strokes available upon request)
  • 200 kg payload
  • Control via WISE digital IO module
  • Onboard web server for motor controller
  • Multiple positions can be easily programmed
  • Accessory mounting holes on front and rear of top plate (other top plate geometries available upon request)