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LeoBots - Optimising Cleaning Operations for Businesses

The DNA of LionsBot
The distinctive characteristics of our LionsBot robots are proudly boosted by Lions Operating System (LionsOS) – the software that empowers our robots for optimal performance. Using cuttingedge technology in artificial intelligence, we focus on building a pleasant user experience while placing a strong emphasis on total safety, total security and total solutions from the ground up.
All LionsBot robots are built with Active AI, which constitute a vital part of LionsOS to drive its performance capabilities. Active AI forms the foundation to provide the  outstanding functions of our connected robots - which translates to the high productivity results we seek to achieve for your business.

LionsClean Mobile App
Operating of our cleaning robots is entirely via LionsClean mobile app, which is extremely user-friendly and comes with a high-security login system. The interface is intuitive and simple to use, through selection of the preset cleaning modes. Real-time updates are provided, with notification alert sent whenever a job is completed.

Class Leading Safety Features
LionsBot has a well-planned and comprehensive approach to building safe cleaning robots. From the physical design, to the advanced sensors and special mechanisms, they are all thoughtfully devised and incorporated to minimise any unsafe situations from arising.

Noise-friendly Machines
With the QuietTec feature, our LeoMop and LeoPull are the quietest professional cleaning robots in the LeoBots range – close to silent – hence, enabling them to operate at any time of the day during business hours and night time, without causing any disturbances. LeoVac and LeoScrub function with low volume motor sound, thus allowing normal conversation to take place while they are at work.

Customised Cleaning
During the contextual mapping process, our cleaning robots are able to detect and determine what level of cleaning is required via DynaTec, so as to exert varying pressure on the floor depending on soiling condition. Water and time are greatly saved, resulting in better cleaning efficiency.

Eco-friendly and Safe
Specifically for LeoScrub and LeoMop, our water-saving technology uses up to 70% less water than other cleaning robots yet achieves the same high cleaning results. With Active-DryTec, they also leave behind much drier floors than current solutions due to stronger water extraction to provide safer surroundings. LeoBots are also the first robots in the world to clean exclusively with Z water - a professional cleaning chemical that is totally safe and environmentally friendly.