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Gobe Robots
Gobe Robots
Gobe Robots

 Telepresence Robots

GoBe Robots is all about connecting people, anywhere, anytime without travelling, without losing time, without exposing the globe to CO2 pollution - and best of all we give you the perfect ability to Go & Be present.


With GoBe Robots you are not only present on a wall-mounted screen like known conference systems, you physically move around the space, together with your team.


The GoBe Robot echo canceling microphones effectively transmit the voices of the people you are communicating with, thus allowing you to pick up subtleties and nuances that will help in creating a true feeling of presence. Likewise, the speaker system is constructed to let you express yourself clearly to locals in one-on-one situations as well as in larger venues, like conference rooms or small auditoriums without the need for additional amplification.


The GoBe Robot uses multiple cameras to ensure the best possible view and safe navigation. The frontal wide-view camera lets you see the room and people right in front of the robot as clearly as if you were there, and the zoom camera lets you focus on even the smallest details, like the brush strokes on a painting or subtleties in a new product design. The navigation camera provides a 360-degree view of the base of the robot and any obstacle on your way.


The GoBe Robot is powered by a lithium-ion battery that gives you up to 8 hours operating time before needing to recharge.


The GoBe Robot 21.5 inch HD touch screen enables you to be seen by the people with whom you wish to communicate as clearly as if you were present right there in the room with them. The touch screen also allows for direct two-way interaction between the pilot and the locals and intuitive communication with the robot.


The GoBe Robot is fitted with a LIDAR and 3D cameras that recognize obstacles and recesses on your way and will help you avoid crashing into things or steering the robot down stairwells or other recesses.


The GoBe Robot can navigate from point to point on its own so that you can save time and focus on the people you want to interact with and the tasks you wish to accomplish.


The GoBe Robots Web Application allows you to connect to and control the GoBe Robot in a remote location, and move around freely and independent of locals as if you were there in person.



In order to protect your privacy the GoBe Robot runs on WebRTC encrypted with DTLS-SRTP, through direct peer-to-peer. The connection is tunneled through the GoBe Robots Media Gateway; it cannot decode the stream as only you and the robot have the keys.