FLx ErgoSkeleton

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FLx ErgoSkeleton
FLx ErgoSkeleton
FLx ErgoSkeleton
FLx ErgoSkeleton
FLx ErgoSkeleton
FLx ErgoSkeleton
FLx ErgoSkeleton
FLx ErgoSkeleton

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If you are interested in purchasing or renting a FLx ErgoSkeleton, then please contact our sales team on sales@robotcenter.co.uk, or call on 0845 528 0404 and we will be happy to help.

Postural Support Device

The ErgoSkeleton™ devices, under certain lifting scenarios, have potential to deliver a significant return on investment through injury risk reduction.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to improving the future of the workforce through innovative technology and human centered design. Our company believes that the workers who perform physical tasks for their jobs deserve to have performance gear that will protect their bodies from the strains that they may endure during their career.

The FLx is designed to provide feedback to the wearer, and can help remind wearers to:

  • Maintain proper posture
  • Help ensure proper lifting technique

Customer feedback surveys have documented a reduction in pain and fatigue, after a full day’s use of FLx postural support devices.

    Human Power Reinvented

    Use of the StrongArm FLx, in combination with proper ergonomics training, is designed to help remind wearers to maintain proper posture, helping to ensure proper lifting technique.

    Behavioral changes in workers may include conformance of proper lifting techniques, such as:

    • Pivoting instead of twisting when turning to the side
    • Positioning body closer to the load
    • Bending at the knees and lifting with legs instead of the back

    Posture Feedback System Support & Conformance For The Industrial Athletes Who Perform Dynamic Lifting

    Lifting: As you lift a load, the Posture Feedback System is designed to remind you, by applying pressure against your back, if you move into an improper position. This reminds the user to change their position to reflect the NIOSH and OSHA lifting guidelines. We recommend daily use of the FLx to maintain good posture throughout the workday, as energy and job intensity changes throughout the day.

    Rotating: If you rotate your body beyond recommended guidelines, the Posture Feedback System is designed to remind you by applying pressure to your opposite shoulder and back. This is a reminder to the user that they should change their position to a proper lifting posture.

      StrongArm ErgoSkeleton Postural Support Device FLx

      FLx- S Small UPC#:00051131275225
      Length: 16.82’’ up to 19.21”
      Sizes (Waist): 27” - 33”
      Weight: 2.28 lbs
      FLx - M Medium UPC#:00051131275256
      Length: 16.82’’ up to 19.21”
      Sizes (Waist): 34” - 41”
      Weight: 2.38 lbs
      FLx- L Large UPC#:00051131275263
      Length: 16.82’’ up to 19.21”
      Sizes (Waist): 42” - 51”
      Weight: 2.48 lbs

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