Factory Case Study Eight

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Factory Case Study Eight
Factory Case Study Eight
Factory Case Study Eight
Factory Case Study Eight
MiR provides versatility and quickness to Newform
NewForm is a world-leading manufacturer of Italian designed taps and fittings. In the production plant in Italy, MiR robots are used for internal logistics; the mobile collaborative robots are now handling the main part of the conveying between the departments.

The solution is integrated with the production planning system and provides several fundamental benefits to NewForm including competitiveness, versatility and rapidity.

As a market-leading manufacturer of high-end bath fittings, Newform is continuously looking for new stylistic and technological solutions. Therefore, NewForm has selected Mobile Industrial Robots’ innovative mobile cobots.

“MiR’s mobile cobots give us competitiveness, versatility and quickness which are fundamental skills in today's market”, says Marco Galvan, Head of Production, NewForm s.p.a.

The solution from MiR is integrated with NewForm´s production planning system, and provides a real-time overview of the transfer of materials.

“We can guarantee a real-time production control. The very simple MiR integration software can easily communicate with both our machine tools and our data server, so we can easily track every piece, its position and condition in real-time”, says Damiano Marconi, Technical Assistant, NewForm s.p.a.

He and his colleagues are happy to collaborate with the mobile robots form MiR.
“Our production method has changed a lot since MiR arrived. MiR moves all the processed materials from our tool machines and lathes, and stocks it in a pre-programmed area. MiR is activated with just a couple of clicks with no problems at all. The user interface is really simple and intuitive, you just need a smartphone or a computer with an internet connection and basically you can do whatever you what. Of all the benefits that we achieved, we can mention time optimization and production optimization: Now our lines are active on a 24/7 basis, because they are automatically loaded and unloaded”, says Damiano Marconi, Technical Assistant, NewForm s.p.a.

Other benefits include great flexibility and a safe work environment. After a brief period of adaptation the personnel realized that they could continue with their usual work habits without fear of being interrupted or harmed in any way. 

NewForm’s Head of Production, Marco Galvan sums it all up in one sentence: ”MiR offers great versatility and countless opportunities for usage.”