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EZ-Robot Revolution ROLI
  • EZ-Robot Revolution ROLI
  • EZ-Robot Revolution ROLI
  • EZ-Robot Revolution ROLI
  • EZ-Robot Revolution ROLI
  • EZ-Robot Revolution ROLI
  • EZ-Robot Revolution ROLI
  • EZ-Robot Revolution ROLI
  • EZ-Robot Revolution ROLI
  • EZ-Robot Revolution ROLI
  • EZ-Robot Revolution ROLI
  • EZ-Robot Revolution ROLI
  • EZ-Robot Revolution ROLI
  • EZ-Robot Revolution ROLI
  • EZ-Robot Revolution ROLI
  • EZ-Robot Revolution ROLI
  • EZ-Robot Revolution ROLI

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Inc. VAT: £395.98

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Roli is a very customizable planetary rover style robot kit, with 13 female ez-bit connections for additional ez-bits. Much like a space exploration vehicle, Roli was designed to be a workhorse and move across different surfaces. With a 7.4v LiPo battery powering 2 motors, this robot has enough torque to tackle tough terrain. The wheel and tread heights are adjustable, so you can modify its ground clearance. The included ezrobot ez-bv4 Camera adds impressive vision tracking capability.


1 x ez-bv4 Wi-Fi Robot Controller
1 x EZ-Builder Control Software with Apps
1 x Roli Body Top (P-016)
2 X 3 Servo-motor Arm with Gripper
1 x Lever Servo-motor
1 x Rotation Servo-motor
1 x LiPo Battery 7.4VDC 1300mAh
1 x LiPo Battery Balancer Charger
2 x Extension Cable
1 x ezrobot ez-bv4 Camera
1 x 2.5 Amp Motor Controller
2 x Wire Spiral Wrap (6" length)

Product Dimensions

Width 28 cm
Length 34 cm
Height 17.5 cm
Weight 3.200 kg

Roli can move with ease - Roli is ready for any terrain! This robot is designed to travel long distances and through difficult territory. Compared to wheels, treads allow travel across a wide variety of surfaces without getting stuck.

Customize to change it up - There are 13 female Clip'n'Play connections on Roli's body – one on the front, three on the rear, four on either side, and one on top. The rover body also includes rear storage and a removable drink holder!

ezrobots are visual learners - The camera features advanced vision learning, detection and tracking abilities. Your ezrobot can interact with objects, colors, faces, motion, glyphs, and QR codes!

Let me carry that for youRoli is here to work! The body contains a storage tray, letting Roli carry objects to their destinations. Roli can even bring you a cool soda using the drink holder. The drink holder can be removed to increase space for objects.

Simply clip'n'play - Customize your robot with ez-bits. All ezrobot Revolution parts include ez-bit connections. Simply slide the tab into the slot to establish a secure bond. The parts may be separated by sliding them apart. Multiple ez-bits can be connected together to make arms, legs, or anything else you dream up!

Grippers provide interaction - The compact grippers are powered by strong metal geared servo motors, allowing your robot to interact with soft, light objects. We recommend colored foam balls – the kind you can find at any value, hobby, or department store. They are perfect for your robot to grip and interact with.

In the classroom, and at home - In the classroom or at home, ezrobot Revolution has a big impact on learning. You will learn about robots, and have fun doing it! With hundreds of tutorials, no questions are left unanswered. Personalizing ezrobot behaviours teaches students how robots walk, see, hear and interact with their surroundings.

Software that's easy to use - If hardware is the heart of your ezrobot, then software is the soul. Introducing ez-builder, the world's easiest, most powerful, and most scalable robotics software. ez-builder takes a productive and unique approach to programming your robot. Simply add behaviors such as camera tracking, speech recognition, Wii controllers, GPS, GAIT positioning, and hundreds more!

Create Animations - Like a flip book, the Auto Position in ez-builder is used to animate your ezrobot. It's like magic! The software will automatically calculate how to transition between your custom frames. It is now easier than ever to teach your robot how to move, dance, climb stairs and more!

Mobile control - Use your android or iOS device with apps from our ez-cloud app store, or create your own app easily, with our ez-builder robot software. You can design robot apps as easily as drag'n'drop. ezrobot makes everyone an app creator!

3D Printable Open Source Parts - The CAD design files of each Revolution robot, and all ez-bits, are available in the ez-builder software for free. 3D print your own robot parts, or ask our community to 3D print the parts you choose. Create and share your own designs with other ezrobot users from around the world!

The ez-bv4 is your robot's high tech brain - The ez-bv4 is the world's most powerful and compact robot brain, suitable for all skill levels – from beginner to advanced. It consists of two boards, sandwiched together in a compact 2-square inch package. The stylish white plastic shell protects the speaker and electronics, with a speaker chamber for clear, enhanced audio. For advanced users, the ez-bv4 may be removed from its casing and mounted directly in your custom robot.

Heavy duty servo motors - Includes digital heavy duty 15 kg/cm servo motors! The metal gear and ball bearing internals will withstand a high load. These servos have enough strength to let your robots walk, move or lift.

The future is green - You care about energy consumption with electronics. That's why ezrobot designed an innovative low energy digital switching power supply for our products. While most electronics dissipate heat to lower voltage, our products use an energy efficient power supply which generates practically no heat! Welcome to the future! :)