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Choregraphe Training
  • Choregraphe Training
  • Choregraphe Training
  • Choregraphe Training
  • Choregraphe Training
  • Choregraphe Training

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Robotics is an exciting, energetic and fast growing industry and indeed one that perfectly illustrates the symbiotic relationship between Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). The NAO humanoid robot is an ideal platform for teaching STEM subjects and is also a great way of developing an interest in the area of computer science; NAO brings it to life.

  • Motivate Students — Improve Learning
  • Effectiveness
  • Expand Career Opportunities

There is now a greater focus on programming and robotics in schools, and this is reflected in the new National Curriculum. There is also a desire to have more students study engineering, construction, manufacturing and computer science. A key focus for this is addressing a 100,000 shortfall annually of maths, science, technology, and engineering graduates.

Humanoid robots have always fascinated students; providing a physical reflection of developments in science and engineering NAO is one of the most advanced humanoid robots ever created. His programmable, open and autonomous nature brings a wealth of learning opportunities to the classroom.

NAO comes with a curriculum that has been developed as a series of modules to engage students and provide project-basedstem each module covers a set of objectives specific to learning robotics, but also includes objectives, standards and lesson plans. Computer sciences, mechanics, electronics, and control are at the core of the NAO platform.our curriculum, when used in conjunction with NAO, allows students to develop a structured approach to finding solutions.

NAO is a great stimulus for questions in the classroom and this encourages the development of deep learning – ‘Why might NAO have a problem with the execution of the assigned task? What are the difficulties or obstacles that NAO is having? How might NAO use sensors to better complete a task?’students are naturally motivated to find answers to these questions.

Advantages of using NAO

For Students

  • Provides hands-on experience, connects theory with practice and allows students to explore a wide range of fields linked to robotics such as computer science, mechanics, electronics or control.
  • It inspires a high level of motivation & interest forstembased careers through practical problem solving projects.
  • It fosters team work, project management, problem solving and communication skills.

For Teachers

  • It presents an exciting and challenging platform for teachers to develop new and motivating approaches to learning through project based work.
  • Software that allows all students to develop a depth of learning through a personalised and flexible approach to programming.
  • It provides an exciting opportunity to develop further skills in their area of specialism.

“When our school district first purchased the NAO robots iI was unsure about the cost versus benefit of these platforms. What I have found is that the humanoid robot generates an unparalleled interest from students. My traditional computer science students are driven to program the robot to do everything from dance to fold laundry. But it is not the traditional students that really surprised me so much as the overwhelming response to the robot from non-traditional students; I had students from our nursing and carpentry programs beating down my door for an opportunity to work with the NAO. These students were captivated by the humanoid robot in a way that traditional robotics platforms and computer software simply could not duplicate.” – Mike Beber, Computer Science teacher.

We offer schools training that is tailored to their individual can be carried out at the school itself . There are also training opportunities available at Aldebaran Robotics in Paris. Beyond the training there is also a support network that will help you get the very best out of NAO in the classroom.