MiR Pallet Transfer Module - 31 000

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MiR Pallet Transfer Module - 31 000
MiR Pallet Transfer Module - 31 000

The MiR Pallet Transfer Module can pick up, move and deliver the Transfer Base Pallet, with or without payload.

  • Max load: 125kg
  • Power supply: 24VDC from the MiR robot Internal PLC controller


An efficient mobile robot for transportation

MiR100 is a user-friendly and efficient mobile robot for automation of in-house transport and logistics solutions.

The robot optimizes workflows, freeing-up staff resources and allowing you to increase productivity while reducing costs.

MiR100 belongs to a new generation of advanced mobile robots which gives you a rapid return on investment, often with a payback period within a year.

Technology enables the robot to either “identify” its drive area and surroundings or import 3D drawings of the building layout.

Build-in sensors and cameras enable the MiR100 to be used for collaborative operation; keeping it running safely in an environment with people as it automatically stops and routes around obstacles.

The user-friendly software makes it so easy, that anyone can program the robot. MiR100 has a carrying capacity of 100 kg and can tow approximately 300 kg. Various custom module solutions can be added.