AGV Multiconnect

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AGV MultiConnect enables fast and cost-effective integration of MiRFleet for mobile industrial robots in production systems.

No interface programming is required. AGV MultiConnect is ready-to-use software that just needs to be installed and configured.

AGV MultiConnect is a powerful and flexible platform that allows you to utilize communication channels to SAP and OPC UA simultaneously. In this way, transport orders can be initiated by SAP and, at the same time, PLCs can start missions that transport empty load carriers without being dependent on SAP.

AGV MultiConnect contains a web-based user interface for setting up SAP parameters as well as OPC UA servers and nodes. The integrated web portal shows current order status information from SAP and OPC in real time. The diagnostic tools support the technicians by directly outputting errors that occur during SAP, OPC UA or PLC communication.


  • SAP IDoc standard interface for WMTOID01 warehouse task, WMTCID01 acknowledge, WMCAID01 cancellation
  • Simple and robust OPC UA interface for any number of OPC servers and mission control channels
  • Web based configuration and diagnostics portal
  • Integrated user administration
  • Language for diagnosis can be switched between English and German
  • Other ERP than SAP are also possible, please contact us



  • Ready-to-use software, install, configure, produce
  • No interface programming required
  • Integrated diagnostics for the maintenance technician