V22 ErgoSkeleton

V22 ErgoSkeleton

Product Description

The V22 ErgoSkeleton by StrongArm Technologies is a workplace safety vest. It is estimated that this exoskeleton pays for itself in half a year from saved injury treatment costs and sick time leave.

Similar to the FLx, the V22 keeps the position of the human body as to always stay within a safe body posture while lifting or moving heavy objects. The V22 applies pressure to remind the user both during improper lifts and over rotation.

In addition, the V22 comes with two clutch controlled cables to assist in lifting and moving. The cables transfer part of the weight of the object being held directly to the V22 vest, similar to other arm and shoulder support exoskeletons.

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The V22 is a passive exoskeleton for work and industry. Its primary focus is reducing worksite injuries from lifting and carrying heavy objects.

In 2016 the V22 and the smaller FLx are the two most sold exoskeletons in the world with over 50,000 units shipped.


V22 ErgoSkeleton