NAO Humanoid Robot NAOqi

NAO Humanoid Robot NAOqi

Building robotics applications is challenging

The building blocks of robotics applications include state-of-the-art, complex technologies, such as speech recognition, object recognition, and object mapping.

Applications must be secure and able to run in constrained environments that have limited resources.

NAOqi, the embedded NAO software, includes a fast, secure and reliable, cross-platform, distributed robotics framework that provides a solid foundation on which developers can leverage and improve NAO's functionality.

NAOqi allows algorithms to share their APIs with others and helps prepare modules to run on NAO or remote PCs.

Code development can take place in Windows, Mac OS, or Linux and be called from many languages, including C++, Python, Urbi, and .Net. Modules built on top of this framework offer rich APIs for interacting with NAO.

NAOqi meets common robotics needs: parallelism, resources, synchronization, and events.

In NAOqi, as in other frameworks, there are generic layers, but they are created especially for NAO. NAOqi allows homogeneous communication between different modules (motion, audio, and video), homogeneous programming, and homogeneous information sharing with ALMemory.

Learn more about the NAO's Rich and Versatile Software in the "Software Platform" section bellow.

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