NAO Humanoid Robot Connectivity

NAO Humanoid Robot Connectivity

Ethernet and Wi-Fi

NAO currently supports Wi-Fi (bgn) and Ethernet, the most widespread network communication protocols. In addition, infrared transceivers in the eyes allow connection to objects in the environment. NAO is compatible with the IEE 802.11g Wi-Fi standard and can be used on both WPA and WEP networks, making it possible to connect to most home and office networks. NAO's OS supports both Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections and requires no Wi-Fi setup other than entering the password.

NAO's ability to connect to networks offers a wide range of possibilities. You can pilot and program NAO using any computer on the network.

Here are a few examples of applications NAO users have already created:

  • Based on NAO's IP address, NAO can figure out its location and give you a personalized weather report.
  • Ask NAO about a topic and it connects to Wikipedia and read you the relevant entry.
  • Connect NAO to an audio stream and it plays an Internet radio station for you.
Using XMPP technology (like in the Google Chat system), you can control NAO remotely and stream video from its cameras.


Using infrared, NAO can communicate with other NAOs and other devices that support infrared. You can configure NAO to use infrared to control other devices (“NAO, please turn on the TV”). In addition, NAO can also receive instructions from infrared emitters, such as remote controls. And of course, two NAOs can communicate with each other directly.

Infrared is already the most common method of controlling appliances, making NAO easily adaptable to domotics applications. NAO can also detect whether an infrared signal received is coming from the left or right.

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