Mobile Industrial Robots - MiR100

MiR100 - An efficient mobile robot for transportation



MiR100 is a user-friendly and efficient mobile robot for automation of in-house transport and logistics solutions.

The robot optimizes workflows, freeing-up staff resources and allowing you to increase productivity while reducing costs.

MiR100 belongs to a new generation of advanced mobile robots which gives you a rapid return on investment, often with a payback period within a year.

Technology enables the robot to either “identify” its drive area and surroundings or import 3D drawings of the building layout.

Build-in sensors and cameras enable the MiR100 to be used for collaborative operation; keeping it running safely in an environment with people as it automatically stops and routes around obstacles.

The user-friendly software makes it so easy, that anyone can program the robot. MiR100 has a carrying capacity of 100 kg and can tow approximately 300 kg. Various custom module solutions can be added.


    • Easy to use Ready from day one 
    • Simple operation via smartphone, tablet or PC 
    • Can be equipped with a variety of customized modules


    • Navigation through its own map 
    • Avoids dynamic obstacles and alters routes quickly if necessary 
    • You can choose between 3 software solutions: Mail, taxi or bus 


    • Maneuvers safely around obstacles by using scanners, a 3D camera and ultrasound 
    • Equipped with boggie suspension; a chassis serving as a modular subassembly of wheels and axles. This results in improved weight distribution and improved surface traction 


    • Loading platform 600 x 800 mm – 1/2 EU pallet 
    • Load weight up to 100 kg 
    • Towing power up to 300 kg 
    • Operating time of 12-15 hours or 20 kilometers 
    • Maximum speed 5,4 km/h

    Profitable solution

    • Reduces costs for in-house transport 
    • ROI is typically less than a year

    MiR100 is for smaller transport tasks in industry and healthcare.

    It can to increase operational efficiency in transport tasks. Employee resources may be released by the reduction of manual transport and delivery times can be reduced.

    MiR100 belongs to the new advanced mobile robots. It requires no structural changes to the building, wires in the floor or sensors in the ceiling. The design allows agile driving through doorways as well as in and out of elevators.

    Driving safety

    MiR100 drives independently in environments with people and obstacles.

    The 2 scanners and 3D camera make sure that MiR100 sees people and obstacles and it acts in a natural way by slowing down, driving around the person or obstacle or stopping. This ensures a natural coexistence with humans.

    Driving patterns according to user needs

    Transport needs and patterns may vary. Therefore the customer can choose one of 3 patterns that cover most normal transport tasks in industry and in hospitals. The 3 driving patterns are called Bus service, Post or Taxi.

    Simple operation

    MiR100 can be operated via smart phone, iPad or PC. Operation is simple and user-friendly in all operations.

    The built-in computer based card of the area and the sensors read continuously MiR100′s location

    Easy module integration

    The construction of MiR100 allows it to be fitted with a variety of modules. Module replacement is possible, if the customer wants to change between different modules.

    Economy, service and maintenance

    MiR100 is designed with renowned global components from SICK, Phoenix Contact, and Schneider Electric. It provides operational economy in driving and maintenance.

    MiR100 have typically a short payback time and is therefore a profitable solution.