iRobot Verro 300 Pool Cleaning Robot Reviews

iRobot Verro 300 Pool Cleaning Robot Reviews

The iRobot Verro 300 hands-free, self-contained vacuum cleaning and water filtering robot get pools deep-down clean from floor to waterline with the touch of a button.

Althouh designed for use in pools up to 20' x 50' with gunite surfaces, it works fine on other surfaces too. It will clean a 20' x 50' pool in about 60 - 90 minutes. Most automatic pool cleaners would take over 6 hours. Also, this robotic pool cleaner cleans all the pool surfaces: floor, walls and stairs. Many automatic pool cleaners do not go up the walls of your pool.

The Verro 300 Pool Cleaning Robot reduces run time of your pool's filtration system and improves distribution of temperature and chemicals. Requires no installation, no hoses and no booster pumps.

The box includes: iRobot Verro 300 Pool Cleaning Robot, 51' Floating Power Cord with Swivel Detangler, Transformer, Fine Filter Bag and Mesh Bag.

Cleaning Hydro-jets 'pressure wash' pool surface system power washes the pool, deep cleaning pores, cracks and seams. The 51-foot cable with Swivel Cord Detangler Auto reverse feature allows the Verro 300 to navigate your entire pool while avoiding hang ups. The robot pumps 5,000 gallons of water per hour.

Filtration: The fine filter bag that comes with the Verro 300 captures dirt, hair, dust, algae, bacteria, pollen and debris as tiny as 2 microns.

Navigation : Verro 300 uses the unchanging pool environment to its advantage and does not need complex algorithms to navigate. It is aware of when it's on the bottom of the pool, above the water or moving along the vertical surfaces, and it uses that information to clean the pool.


  • Captures debris as tiny as 2 microns.
  • Requires no installation.


  • Not clear how often you will need to change the filter bag.
  • Not clear if it will cover all surfaces.

                      iRobot Verro 300 Pool Cleaning Robot