FLx ErgoSkeleton

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FLx ErgoSkeleton

Product Description

We are joined in the belief that blue-collar workers deserve advanced design and technology to empower them for greater safety and performance. These industrial workers are expected to perform with strength, agility, and endurance at the level of professional athletes. With these expectations in mind, we wanted to design a product that supports the people who we consider Industrial Athletes.

The FLx ErgoSkeleton converts user body movements into mechanical feedback. The FLx is offered in different waist belt sizes and has a height adjustment for varying users. It also offers strength-of-flexibility adjustment for use in different job applications.

Project Innovation/Need

Back injuries in the USA are the #1 source of workplace-related injuries, resulting in $60 billion in direct costs and $120 billion including indirect costs (OSHA). Direct costs include medical bills and the actual costs to treat the injury. Indirect costs include other factors, such as lost productivity.

Our nearest competitors in the exoskeleton field provide powered solutions which cost companies thousands of dollars per device. The FLx is a low-cost device which creates opportunities for the industry leaders to tackle their employee injury problems with an affordable scalable solution. The FLx elegantly addresses the behavioral and musculoskeletal issues that have the most severe impact.

Design Challenge

One of the main challenges with designing the FLx ErgoSkeleton was creating a postural support system for a dynamic working environment. There are other products available on the market that provide postural support, but they are primarily used in static environments. The FLx allows users to move freely while receiving coaching and feedback to help encourage safe lifting. Making sure that the design was biomimetic in order to maximize the feedback was key in the final execution.


The FLx has a primary interpretation of the term "sustainability," by providing a sustainable health solution for the people who are using the device. By reducing injury and keeping workers healthy, the FLx helps sustain the jobs they are required to do to make a living. Second to its benefits to the users, the product is also Made in the USA with Globally sourced materials, which helps reduce the overall carbon footprint.


STRONGARM’s FLx ErgoSkeleton

STRONGARM’s FLx ErgoSkeleton


FLx ErgoSkeleton