E.zigreen Classic Robot Lawn Mower

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E.zigreen Classic Robot Lawn Mower
E.zigreen Classic Robot Lawn Mower
E.zigreen Classic Robot Lawn Mower
E.zigreen Classic Robot Lawn Mower
E.zigreen Classic Robot Lawn Mower
E.zigreen Classic Robot Lawn Mower
E.zigreen Classic Robot Lawn Mower

If you are interested in purchasing a E.zigreen Classic Robot Lawn Mower please contact our sales team on sales@robotcenter.co.uk, or call on 0845 528 0404 and we will be happy to help.

The robot mower E.zigreen Classic meets the needs of any user wishing to benefit from a solution of lawn automatic, easy to use and efficient. Its design and materials have been designed to guarantee a pleasant grip and an absolute security.

Departure and return automatically from its base:

E.zigreen robot mower is equipped with a recharging base. At the beginning of each mission, from its base before it dock again after the batteries run out. Its range of more than two hours will allow him to travel the entire route of your lawn. 
You can easily start the program with the remote or control panel. So you can schedule daily or weekly output of your device. 
The smart navigation system will ensure you cover all of mowing your lawn, quickly and easily.

Adjusting the size of your cup:

By detecting the density of grass in your garden, mowing the e.zigreen focus and speed of work, ensuring a consistent and clear cutting of your lawn. 
You can also choose to make this adjustment very easily with the handgrip located in the central compartment of your lawnmower robot.

At the forefront of security:

The structure of the robot mower e.zigreen has been specially appointed to ensure maximum safety of its users, or any other person / object on the work streams:

  • Starting in two stages reduces the potential for unexpected startup of your device.
  • If the unit is raised and exceeds the permitted safety angle, the robot lawn mower will stop working in a split second.
  • The On / Off button visible far you can easily control the termination of your lawnmower robot.
  • E.zigreen stop automatically if the recharging base is not connected or the perimeter wire is loose or cut.

Partitioning of walkways:

The cable supplied with the package perimeter e.zigreen lets you accurately determine the areas you want to preserve the transition from your lawnmower robot. Once installed, your cable hide closer to the earth.

E.zigreen detects and avoids obstacles:

The sensors on your e-enable your zigreen Classic mower robot to detect obstacles at a distance, then work around them.

Anti-Theft System:

The mower E.zigreen Classic includes an option of password protection.

Robomower E.zigreen Classic includes:

  • 1. Your robot mower
  • 2. Supply
  • 3. Perimeter cable - available 100 meters
  • 4. Sardines for your cable
  • 5. Remote Remote Control
  • 6. Recharging base
  • 7. Manual use FR / EN
  • 8. Sardines fixing your database
  • 9. Blades
E.zicom team is at your disposal in order to optimize the configuration and installation of your cable perimeter.