BigRep ONE Version 3

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BigRep ONE Version 3
BigRep ONE Version 3
BigRep ONE Version 3
For pricing and availability for the BigRep ONE Version 3 please contact our sales team on, or call on 0845 528 0404 and we will be happy to help. (Special order)

BigRep ONE is a tool designed for professionals and creators who are seeking cost-effective and high-performance 3D printing systems to produce full scale objects within the build volume. It offers build space for unlimited opportunities.

  • Exhibition, Design, Small-lot Series, Architectural Models
  • Product and Industrial Design, Engineering, and Construction
  • ExperimentalFurniture and Objects, Art Production


BigRep ONE New Features


  • The new modular extruder can now print support material and multiple colors. It is also equipped with filament detection which automatically pauses the print before the printer runs out of material.

Print Bed

  • To maintain the highest of print qualities, the improved heated print bed now comes with auto-leveling which significantly reduces set-up time.

Universal spoolholder

  • The universal spoolholder which fits every spoolsize can hold up to 10 kg in each compartment, with space for up to 4 rolls in a closed cabinet to protect the filament from dust.


  • The BigRep ONE is equipped with an integral controller to have a more user-friendly interface.



The BigRep ONE is constructed with an uncompromising full aluminum frame, incorporating professional CNC components to provide strength and robustness for thousands of successful printing hours.

Build volume (mm) x 1100 y 1050 z 1000
Layer resolution 100 - 1000 micron
Positioning accuracy 100 micron
Extruder Two modular extrusion heads
Resolution of bed-leveling < 100 micron
Fabrication methods FFF (FDM*)
Printable materials PLA, PLA colored, PLA effects (e.g. woodfill, bronzefill, ceramicfill, biofill, carbonfill)
Support Materials PVA, HIPS
Heating strategy Heated printing bed
Weight printer approx. approx 500 kg
Footprint (mm) x 1800 y 1850 z 2000
Power 200V–240V, 16A, 50/60Hz
Safety Certifications confirms to CE/UL

BigRep ONE



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