Humanoid Robot HRP-4

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Humanoid Robot HRP-4
Humanoid Robot HRP-4
Humanoid Robot HRP-4
Humanoid Robot HRP-4
Humanoid Robot HRP-4
Humanoid Robot HRP-4
Humanoid Robot HRP-4
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HRP-4 is a life-size "platform for research and development of working humanoid robots" we have developed in collaboration with the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), an independent administrative legal entity.
Incorporating to the external design the "slim athlete" concept pursuing affinity with humans, HRP-4 has achieved the new, light-weighted and slim body while succeeding the concept of the conventional models HRP-2 or HRP-3 where the robots coexist with humans and assist or replace human operations or behavior.
Further, promotion of optimized specifications or component sharing/simplification has reduced the price for the robot, a great step forward the next-generation working humanoid robot.
For its control, HRP-4 employs OpenRTM-aist to make available national and international software assets, improving efficiency in research.

We will continue to advance our research and development on robots making use of the past robotics research and the development know-how obtained from HRP-4, and to create a robot that works in our living spaces and improves our quality of life.

HRP-4, a humanoid robot that can coexist with humans

Special Features

  • Seeking working robots that can co-exist with humans, the Mechatronics Systems Division reviewed the robot design such that it would better suit the research of more interactive technology, for the purpose of safer collaborative works with humans. The review works include an increase in the degree of freedom of both arms essential to handle objects while achieving a smaller, lighter-weight and slimmer body in comparison to our conventional HRP series.

    We have achieved the HRP-4 as a new platform for research and development of working humanoid robots, for instance by mounting the 80W or less motors to all axes taking into account the safety requirements for the robot.

  • AIST is the developer of the motion control system which achieved the real-time software development and effective utilization of the multi-core processor that has recently grown in popularity, using Linux which applies to the OS RT-Preempt to enable real-time processing.
    We have also employed a software base technology that allows a move free combination of various functional elements of the robot via communication networks, as well as OpenRTM-aist, the RT middleware implementation, as the middleware.
    The motion control software consists of the RT components that incorporate the motion control technology cultivated in the HRP series as the core logic, which has enabled efficient development using the tools compatible with the RT middleware in addition to the conventional RT components.
    (By AIST)

Main specifications

Height 151 cm
Weight 39 kg
Structure Plastic robot cover, Aluminum alloy frame
D.O.F. 34 D.O.F. (Leg x 6, Neck x 2, Chest x 2, Arm x 7, Hand x 2)
Hand maximum payload 0.5 kg (single hand)
Standard device · Control CPU CPU: Pentium M (1.6 GHz, PCI-104)
Communications: LAN 10/100 base-TX (1 port) / Wireless LAN IEEE802.11a/b/g
OS: Linux (+RT-Preempt patch) / OpenRTM-aist
Device: Stereo speakers
Extension devices · Options Head or hand camera(s), Microphone(s)
Back pack PC (back side)
The axis configuration can be customized for research.