Autonomous Mobile Robots

Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are a form of automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) that can be implemented without any supporting infrastructure.

Solution Overview

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR's) enables organisations to control their  internal logistics. Good processes drives efficient manufacturing decisions, offering an accurate and quality result  and reducing the risk of wasted time or overspending. It also provides traceability and clarity around terms and conditions. Our specialists appreciate that effective Autonomous Mobile Robots deployment is key to the success of any Robotic system.

Why Robot Center for Autonomous Mobile Robots?

Robot Resources

Our Autonomous Mobile Robots division deploys hundreds of missions for customers every year. We have also launched a fully rental service, service offering Robot systems management whilst liberating your internal resources, allowing more effective operations.

Optimising Operations

We have exceptional relationships with leading Intelligence & Analytics partners, and our breadth of expertise allows us to offer tailored advice for customers that is relevant to them and their industry. We design best-fit solutions based on a deep understanding of customers’ outcomes and strategy.

Industry Innovations

We specialise in superb customer care solutions, delivering systems for long-term business success. We’ve built partnerships with the top vendors across the industry to provide an extensive range of business collaboration solutions and technologies.

Autonomous Mobile Robots

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