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Aisoy1 II is the first social robot affordable for everyone. With new capabilities to awake your creative spirit.
 Renewed and funny dialogs! 

 Aisoy1 II’s behavior has evolved to a more proactive interaction. It has refined its sense of humor and tries to express it using its own words. It may be able to make you smile, or maybe your own style is a bit different from his. Anyway, please be comprehensive with Aisoy1 II, as he is taking the first steps as a comedian, its answers could surprise you!


 More expressive with an evolved emotional engine!

The new emotional engine is more proactive and robust. You will be able to understand the current emotional state of your Aisoy1 II much better and act accordingly. Besides, its new emotional engine provides more active behaviors and more independence and autonomy in its actions.


 Multi-languages versions are now available.

  An English version of Aisoy1 has been repeatedly requested over last months. We have worked very hard to open the Aisoy’s world to English speakers. Aisoy1 II allows you to choose your preferred interaction language. This language would be used in your Aisoy1 II dialogs and Botapps.

A French version is oncoming. If you are interested any other language, please contact us.


 Notifications makes Aisoy1 II your Social Messeages Center.

Aisoy1 II can read and post the messages in your social networks on your behalf*. Aisoy1 I can tell you who posted something in your wall or you can tell him to take a photo every 5 minutes*. Currently, only Twitter is supported. Other Social Networks, such as Facebook and Tuenti, are oncoming.* Depending on the social network permissions


 Introducing Aisoylab, the new tool to manage your Aisoy products.

  Aisoylab is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to set up and manage your Aisoy1 II without any technical knowledge. Its features include upgrading your Aisoy1 II software, monitoring its health status, providing internet connection through your computer and sending us important information in case your Aisoy1 II suffers from any problem.


Airos1, the emotions engine.

Take information, analyse it, decide and act. It is the basis of their behaviour and personality. “Life” is to feel, interact, learn, excite and thrill… So, in Aisoy Robotics, we have created life. And the heart is called Airos1: a new way of relating to technology in a more natural way. Airos1 works on linux and has been designed to take full advantage of the architecture and components of your robot Aisoy1 II.


Me, makes each Aisoy II unique.

Each Aisoy1 II acquires a unique personality based on its own experience and the interactions it has with people in a similar way as we do. And with its emotions engine, it is able to act autonomously and know what things make happy and what things do not. Thus, some Aisoy1 II find it easier to be happy than others or it is quicker for them to forget their anger than others.



The nervous system of your Aisoy1 II comprises a network of light, position, and touch sensors, together with the Eyes camera. It allows your robot to be aware of what happens in its environment and act accordingly. Atmosphere system can for example know if somebody is touching it, if it is hot outside or if it is inclined (if not upright). 


Eyes, a camera to see.

Artificial vision algorithms have been improved by increasing its level of accuracy and speed. Thanks to them, you can use Aisoy1 II to recognize faces, alphanumeric signs and expressions, objects, movements and now QR labels which are very useful in applications and games for educational purposes.


Aiplay, play differently.

Playing with a Aisoy1 II is a different experience. Their games are not based on a screen as the traditional consoles, taking full advantage of its abilities as a robot, think, see, recognize, and especially the more human, talk! 



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