Octant UVC

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Octant UVC
Octant UVC
Octant UVC
Octant UVC
Octant UVC

Product Description

Octant UVC system uses UV light in the „C” band. UVC short-wavelengths are between 200 – 280 nm and they inactivate viruses, bacteria’s and pathogens. UVC energy does not contain chemicals and is environment friendly. - The action of this UVC lamp does not cause the formation of harmful Ozone.

Where can it be used?

  • Hospitals,
  • Meeting rooms,
  • Rooms in factories,
  • Schools, universieties, kindergartens
  • On planes, buses, trains
  • In any type of room which needs disinfection


How to use this module?

  • Control robot manually and enable UVC disinfection.
  • Scan the area and plan a mission to perform a planned disinfection in multiple places in one room or in multiple rooms in one go.
  • Remember that module can only be enabled when no one is in the room as UVC light is dangerous for humans and animals!


Main features

  • UVC light is turned on automatically from MIR robot mission or through user Dashboard.
  • PIR motion sensors for disabling UV lamps when someone accidentally enters the room.
  • Time needed for air disinfection of a 20m2 room is approximately 10 minutes.


Technical parameters

  • Dimensions (subject to change):
    • Height: 1450 mm,
    • Width: 580 mm,
    • Length: 890 mm,
  • 10 UV-C lamps with 360o
  • Total power lamp power – 240W.
  • Estimated time of module work- up to 4 hours.