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Developed by Sorion Electronics, Fleetware is a control and management software suite for Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) that can be easily implemented into production and logistics processes.

Multiple AMRs in advanced production environments require a set of tools over and above the standard AMR suites. Fleetware provides this function, having all the tools needed to configure, coordinate and monitor up to 100 robots simultaneously.


  • Integration of MES solutions with the AMR fleet
  • Assignment of new missions on a location by location basis, allowing for simpler missions and complex routing and decision trees
  • Provision of OEE and Andon information via Orion EMA to give a detailed breakdown of utilisation and route effectiveness
  • Can be utilised with Sextans to provide a complete guided assembly process solution



  • Elimination of process bottlenecks via performance data
  • Scalable, flexible production system



  • Just in time manufacturing environments
  • Transport of WIP goods between individual production stages
  • Sequenced parts kitting