Fleet Commander

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Better integrate your robots into your workflows.

FleetCommander allows you to seamlessly automate your workflows and take automation to the next level. Fully integrate your robots with the management software system of your organisation, like an SAP system, and boost the efficiency of your intralogistics processes. Get your fleet working smarter today.

Why use FleetCommander with your fleet?

FleetCommander streamlines your intralogistics operations, collecting goods transfer orders from 3rd party systems and automatically assigning missions to your robot fleet. FleetCommander can help you:

  • Automate the creation of robot missions
  • Eliminate wait times
  • Minimise human errors
  • Improve your overall efficiency
  • Maximise your ROI


How does FleetCommander work?

A customisable off-the-shelf solution, specially designed to help you easily collect and translate transfer orders from 3rd party systems into robot missions:

  • Connector to SAP systems
  • Connector to any CSV files
  • Customisable translation rules
  • Modular design for custom connectors


Available deployment options:

  • Standard Edition: All software pre-installed on an industrial-grade small device, ready to connect to your fleet
  • Server Edition: Ready to deploy on your own server, no additional hardware required
  • Desktop Edition: Ready to deploy on your own Windows PC, no additional hardware required