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Product Description:

ER-ABILITY enables you to mount a robot arm from Universal Robots (UR) onto a MiR100 or MiR200. The top module is designed for collaborative operation, integrating safety systems, easily reachable emergency stops and indicator lights for UR status around its base.

ER-ABILITY ships with a complete sensor and software package that provides a quick and easy setup of applications. The sensor-based calibration system enables you to manipulate then environment with millimeter precision without the need for docking the MiR or human intervention.  Furthermore, the block-based programming makes it easy to orchestrate your processes and coordinate the actions of the MiR and UR.


  • Designed for Collaborative use
  • Safety systems of MiR and UR connected
  • E-stop mounted in corners for easy reach
  • Indicator lights for UR status around the base
  • Sensor system allowing precise manipulation of the environment, even in changing light conditions.
  • Block-based programming interface for easy programming.
  • Programming of the UR through UR teach pendant or the block-based interface.
  • Top plate in stainless steel with M6 threads for easy mounting of fixtures and tools.


Technical details:

  • Supports UR3, UR5, UR3e and UR5e. For options UR10 and UR10e contact Enabled Robotics.
  • Payload arm: 3kg for UR3/UR3e, 5kg for UR5/UR5e.
  • Payload platform: 120kg for MiR200 (with UR5e).
  • Easy access to the ER-ABILITY software through web interface.
  • Weight of top module: approx. 35kg (without UR)
  • Mounting of UR
  • 2MP HDR sensor
  • Retrieve production data from SQL databases