Communication Box

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Communication Box
Communication Box
Communication Box
Communication Box
Communication Box

Product Description

The AMTECH communication box was developed to communicate with MiR robots and the MiRFleet server. The electrical signal applied to the device input is transformed into a software command  (REST API, Modbus TCP) and sent to a defined IP address (MiR robot, MiRFleet).


  • Converts an electrical signal to a user-defined REST API or Modbus TCP software communication.
  • Five programmable inputs.
  • Possibility to independently define communication for logical 1 and logical 0.
  • Ethernet or WiFi interface
  • Power supply from PoE (Ethernet versions only) or power supply
  • Robust metal box
  • WEB interface



  • Controlling the robot (MiR) or MiRFleet server via REST API (PUT, POST)
  • Communication with the internal PLC (MiR robot) via Modbus TCP (Int32, Float32, Boolean)


The device sends REST API

  1. In a situation where MiRFleet should be connected to a fire alarm that does not support REST API communication, the only option is to use signal communication. The AMTECH communication box is connected to output signal of the fire alarm. When a fire alarm is triggered, the fire alarm signal is transformed into a REST API instruction that is sent to the MiRFleet. When the fire alarm ends, another instruction is sent to deactivate the fire alarm on the MiRFleet.
  2. For situations where it is necessary to add a mission to the queue by pressing a button or by a signal from the machine (PLC).


Sending of address change command to PLC MiR by Modbus TCP

  1. Communication of top module with PLC MiR. In the mission, it is possible to communicate with the top module using the Modbus TPC protocol without the need for a PLC.
  2. Communication with PLC MiR in mission.
  3. Direct control of the robot (Continue/Pause robot, etc.)


Communication via Modbus TCP

Int32 – Registers 1-100

Float32 – Registers 101-200

Boolean – Coils 1-6