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Be-Free models: Surf, Air and Air Surf:

Each model has specific features that allow the sanification of different environments. LED UV-C are the latest technology for Virus and Bacteria deactivation. 

Be-Free model Surf: The LED lamp quantity and configuration, together with the 120° cone light emission, provides a complete Floor-to-Ceiling disinfection.

The Robot moves around, getting as close as possible to surfaces reducing shadowed areas, and sanification takes place autonomously. The high radiometric power, allows a large area to be disinfected in a shorter time.

Be-Free model Air: designed to ensure people safety through air sanification. The ventilation system forces the air inside where UV-C LED are present and releases disinfected air back into the environment.

Customization with company Logo or special color upon request.

Be-Free model Air Surf: adds the possibility of surface sanification in empty environments or when no direct light from LED can be guaranteed.


  • UV-C LED wavelength at 270nm for max efficiency
  • Surface and Air sanification
  • No Ozone generation and chemical free
  • Lamp lifetime over 20.000 hours
  • Maintenance Free only dust removal
  • MiR 100 Robotic Solution
  • Dedicated Android APP for ease of use
  • Pre-set sanification routine
  • Online tutorial and remote support 24/7
  • 24-month warranty