NAO London Hackathon 2013

The NAO UK Hackathon had it's second year at Queen Mary University of London on the 31st August to the 1st of September 2013.

The event saw robot enthusiasts and NAO developers from around the world would meet up for an concentrated but thoroughly enjoyable weekend of robot development. The event brought seasoned NAO experts and NAO first step newbies.

The event lasted two days and the competition was to design and develop a NAO behavior to be showcased at the end of the weekend. Prizes were awarded to the teams that impress the judges. The weekend saw ambitious entries involving photography, image recognition, animation, geolocation and dalek impersonation. 

The first day saw the forming of teams, but the were a few who were brave enough to go it on there own. There was help directly from Aldebaran for them and the assembled teams, with Valentin Bertrand (Animation Expert),   Akim Boukhelif (Head of Aldebaran Community) and Celine Boudier (Autism Expert).

Throughout the weekend there was break out sessions where competitors can take a bit of time out from their projects to learn from other NAO community members. The list of speakers shaped up to be a really interesting set of sessions.


NAO Hackathon 2013 Pictures