Robotic Tuna Fish



There is no doubt ... they are very good at what they do. But they do not take well to orders, especially those for inspection work in the oil or hazardous conditions or in any form of rigid conditions, for that matter. However, it is one of the fastest and most maneuverable creatures on the planet who have extraordinary abilities at high and low speeds thanks to its streamlined shape and finely tuned muscle / touch / control system.
This impression is humble tuna.
Department (DHS) Homeland Security Management and Technology (S & T) funding to develop unmanned underwater vehicle designed to resemble BIOSwimmer tuna called tuna ™ is Why. Because tuna is an ideal base for unmanned underwater vehicle's natural body (UUVs), movement and mobility problems faced by some common UUVs.
Inspired Tuna real BIOSwimmer ™ UUV is designed for maneuverability, high in difficult conditions on the tail is flexible and can be defined pectoral fins and the other for the mess and difficult to access. Explore the underwater tuna need the right design style. He can see the inside of the vacuum vessel and the water holding tank and remote regions such as the steering wheel, engine casing and the sea. It can also detect and block port and harbor operations and other security missions.
Boston Engineering Corporation Advanced Systems Group (ASG) in Waltham, Massachusetts, is developing ™ BIOSwimmer homeland security science and technology management. "It is designed to accommodate a variety of objectives and strategies to exchange with sensor and control operations. reconfigurable. And can be optimized for each task in the "Director of CBC, said Mike Rufo.
BIOSwimmer ™ is battery-powered and designed for continuous operation. Other vehicles such as unmanned underwater use the computer room for the onboard sensor processing and communication. The laptop based control unit and a user-friendly and simple mission flexibility for the user. The unique feature of this system is that the internal components and external sensors, which are designed to reduce the demand for, and high viscosity liquids.
"It's a matter of refining the science," said David Taylor, program manager in S & T ™ BIOSwimmer and maritime security department, said. "It's called" biomimetics We use nature as a basis for the design and construction of systems that perform well.
Tuna have been millions of years to develop the ability to move water efficiently magically. Hopefully we will not take that long. ".
Bio-inspired robot (robotry biomimetic) is a relatively new science that is gaining momentum. Now a robot butterfly shrimp, flies, geckos, snails, dogs and even a lamprey-like robot is designed to perform various tasks, including surveillance and search and rescue. Robotics and serpent by twisting trunks like elephants can be the ideal way to search for survivors in the rubble of the structure was destroyed by an explosion or natural disaster.